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Time is money, as the saying goes, and Whitby, Ontario’s Marigold Lincoln is here to help save you some of that time thanks to their Pickup & Delivery program. This Lincoln Motor Company of Canada program is designed to make servicing your vehicle fast, easy, and painless. Read on to learn how Marigold Lincoln serves you better.


Lincoln’s Pickup & Delivery program is exactly what it sounds like—we pick your vehicle up for service, and deliver it right back to you. At Marigold Lincoln, top-notch service is a way of life, which doesn’t end when you drive off the lot. Simply schedule a service appointment and pickup, and not only will we pick your vehicle up but we’ll leave you a loaner to use in the interim—because your day shouldn’t stop just because you take care of your Lincoln.


Lincoln’s Pickup & Delivery program is four simple steps that will ensure your Lincoln will stay in premium condition, without inconveniencing you in the least.

  1. You can either call Marigold Lincoln, or find us on the Lincoln Way™ app, and give us your location, and preferred time.
  2. We’ll send a Lincoln Service Valet to you, within 30km of Marigold Lincoln, to pick up your vehicle while also providing you with a Lincoln Loaner for the extent of your service.
  3. Stay in the loop with updates via phone, text, or email. When your service appointment is done, we’ll tell you that your valet is on the way back with your freshly serviced vehicle.
  4. That’s it! You’ll now have your Lincoln back—freshly serviced and washed—and you can go back to doing what you do best.

Lincoln Pickup & Delivery is available across the full lineup of Lincoln vehicles, and just another way that Whitby, Ontario’s Marigold Lincoln serves you better. If you have any questions about this convenient service, feel free to contact us. Of course you can find this service, and many other ways Lincoln makes your life better, by downloading the Lincoln Way™ app.

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